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Classical Antiquity

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Classical Antiquity covers the historic period from about the 8th century BC to the 5th century AD. It refers to the multitude of city states that emerged after the Late Bronze age Collapse around the Eastern Mediterranean, who were eventually incorporated, from the 1st century BC, into the Roman Empire which controlled the whole of the Mediterranean.

2500 years after the Greeks started developing the Ancient Classical World we can see their legacy in every major city throughout the Western World. Greek Temple fronts adorn our major public buildings as well as the 18th century Stately Homes of Britain. Classical Architecture is a still used to communicated power and learning. From the White House in Washington to the fronts of the major museums of Western Europe the style of Classical Antiquity can still be seen.

This is the starting point of exploring Classical Antiquity and seeing the incredible artefacts, antiquities and buildings that have marked high civilisation for 2500 year.


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