Yazilikaya Hittite Sanctuary Rock Carvings & History

The History of Yazilikaya Hittite Sanctuary

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Yazilikaza is the best preserved sanctuary form the Hittite Empire. Yazılıkaya was the sactuary of Hattusa, the capital of the Ancinet Hittite Empire from about 1700BC to 1200BC. The sancturay of Yazılıkaya is built amonst the rocks near Hattusa and is entered from a single gateway. Hittite reliefs are sculpted into the rocks depicting Hittite Gods. The Hittite pantheon was vast and the Hittites not only had gods for every object and land mass but as they conquereored other peoples of the acnient world, they adopted their Gods so as not to displease them.

The style of Hittite art is extremely endearing and creative and Yazılıkaya shows that the Hittite style of imagery dates from as far back as the 16th centuary BC. The graphic devises used by the Hittites with long prcessions of deities creates frezes in the rock of Yazılıkaya that are reminiscent of modern graphic illustrations. Ther naive style gives the figures of Yazılıkaya a fairy tale mystery that would still be relevant to that genre today. Yazılıkaya demonstrates that mans inventiveness and creativity has follwed similar but independant stylistic approaches for over 2000 years.




Where Is Yazilikaya?


Museopics the free museum History


Coordinates: 40°01′11″N 34°36′55″E

Coordinates: 40.019722, 34.615278




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