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The History of Sam'al

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Sam’al or Yadiya was a Hittite colony from about 1725-1200 BC after which it came under the control of the Neo-Hittites and became a city state. The city was a heavily fortified citadel with 3 gates and 5 giant lion statues on the main gate. The German Oriental Society excavated the site from 1888- 1902 and recovered Neo-Hittite relief sculpture orthostats that are now exhibited at the Pergamon museum in Berlin.

This picture gallery of the Hittite artefacts and antiquities from Sam’al include lions from the city gate and orthostats depicting deities from the vast pantheon of Hittite Gods.




Where Is Sam'al?


Museopics the free museum History


Coordinates: 37°06′13″N 36°40′43″E

Coordinates: 37.103611, 36.678611




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